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XLP 16-bit Development Board

The XLP 16-bit Development Board is designed with eXtreme Low Power in mind.  Designed as a true platform for low power development, it enables designs with sleep currents as low as 20nA.

The board is suitable for prototyping many low power applications including RF sensors, data loggers, temperature sensors, electronic door locks, metering sensors, remote controls, security sensors, smart cards, and energy harvesting. The PICtail™ interface supports Microchip’s extensive line of daughter cards for easy evaluation of your next low power application.

This low cost board is the ideal complement to the MPLAB® PICkit 3 or ICD 3 debugger and programmer realizing a fully-featured, economical, PIC24 development environment.

XLP 16-bit Development Board Features
● PIC24F16KA102 (16KB Flash, 28-pins, XLP Device with 20nA Deep Sleep current )
● Supports other PIC24F devices in 20 or 28-pins
● Current measurement terminals allow device or board level current measurements (optional XLP Current Measurement Cable available)
● PICtail ™ daughter board connector for connection to expansion boards such as RF, SD/MMC Cards, Speech Playback and more
● mTouch™ capacitive sensing buttons for user input
● Expansion connector accessing full device pin-out and breadboard prototype area
● Convenient connections for MPLAB PICkit 3, ICD 3 or REAL ICE for in-circuit programming and debugging
● USB interface for power and PC communication
● 24AA256 Low Power (100nA Sleep, 1.7V Vdd) SPI serial-EEPROM
● Crystal oscillators for main clock and Real-time Clock and Calendar
● Potentiometer (connected to 10-bit A/D, analog input channel)
● Analog output temperature sensor and CTMU based diode temperature sensor
● LEDs for indication
● Optional RS-232 port (not populated)
● Power Options: AAA, CR2032, Energy Harvesting, USB, External, or 9V power supply

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