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Wireless Design Essentials – WiFi Antenna Polarization

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One of the least understood properties of a wireless signal is its polarization, especially if you are installing a lot of WiFi Antennas in one location, like on a tower. Polarization is determined by the way an antenna is mounted, and can usually only be either horizontal or vertical. This is important, especially in point-to-point wireless communication, because only antennas with the same polarization will be able to communicate with each other.

Because polarization determines the antennas that can pick up the signal, you could set up two antennas in close proximity, and pointing in the same direction, but with different polarization. The result would be that antennas which are vertically polarized would only pick up the signal from the vertically transmitting antenna, while only horizontally polarized antennas would pick up the horizontally transmitting antenna signals.

WiFi Antenna Polarization Schemes

Some WiFi antennas have “dual polarization” such as many of our Parabolic Dish Antennas. These special antennas have two ports to plug in: one for the vertical polarization and one for the horizontal polarization. Once properly installed, these dual polarized antennas can communicate with antennas of both types of polarities at the same time from one antenna.

Proper installation of antennas, especially in regards to the polarization required, is essential. Because of this, L-com provides detailed installation guidelines for all of our WiFi antennas. Additionally many of our antennas feature versatile mounting options such as the HG4958DP antennas which have a “swivel” mounting bracket allowing them to be precisely aimed at another WiFi antenna for optimal throughput and connectivity.

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