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DAQFlex Open-Source Software Framework

DAQFlex Open-Source Software Framework

DAQFlex open-source software framework combines a small footprint driver with a message-based command protocol. This framework allows DAQ programming in virtually any operating system (OS) or on embedded systems with no OS. The simplicity of the driver is enabled with a message-based protocol on select MCC DAQ devices. This protocol offers an efficient yet powerful interface to DAQ devices and a common command set that simplifies application development.

MCC supports the Android™ OS through DAQFlex, a simple and efficient message-based programming interface. The DAQFlex for Android API provides an interface for communicating with select MCC DAQ devices. It provides programmers a method of communicating with the devices without the need for understanding USB communication mechanism.

DAQFlex Open-Source Software Framework

Key Highlights

-Platform-compatible with Windows® 32/64, Linux®, Android™, and Mac®

-Simple message-based programming interface

-Single API for any OS

-Read our white paper on message-based programming with DAQFlex

-DAQFLex and Universal Library Comparison

New Support for Android-based Tablets

-DAQFlex for Android API and example programs

-Read our Tablets in DAQ white paper

-Temperature charting example program using USB-2001-TC

-Download DAQFlex on our Software Downloads page

-Measurement Computing (MCC) tested tablets include the Toshiba® Thrive™, Toshiba Excite™, Motorola® Xoom™, and Google Nexus™ 7

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